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Eating for Energy

Do you need sugar or caffeine to get you through the afternoon? 
Are you confused by all the messages about what we should and shouldn’t eat?

I give a FREE seminar to all Aspria members one evening per month to  help you to find the energy and balance you truly deserve.

I will pass on a few key tips to help you avoid the rollercoaster of energy highs and lows throughout the day and to reconnect yourself with the real food that your body needs to function well.

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Pre-Natal Yoga and Nutrition Session for Mums-to-be

Join Suzy and Sophie Girard-Sequeira** for this special workshop devoted to prenatal health and wellbeing.


On the programme:

Restorative Yoga: especially designed for mamas-to-be. Sophie will guide you through an hour of calming, restorative yoga, breathing practice and deep relaxation. A time to restore, replenish and connect with the growing light within you.

Nutrition tips and advice: There are so many mixed messages out there of what we can and can’t do… Suzy will take an hour to help you connect with your own wise body and look at some of the energy givers and energy takers that we can find in food. She will introduce a few essential elements for during pregnancy, giving birth and also some tips for managing your energy levels when the little one arrives.

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Price: 40€

** Sophie is an Active Birth Yoga teacher also fully trained in restorative yoga specialised in women's health. Her classes are known for weaving her knowledge of pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal months into all the wonderful aspects yoga offers to help women stay healthy and confident during this transformative and often demanding time of their lives. More info:www.sophieyoga.net 

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Raw Food workshop

This session includes an introduction into the raw food philosophy, followed by a demonstration and hands-on practice of preparing (and enjoying!) a selection of delicious dishes with fresh organic ingredients bursting with flavour. Our guest chef, Megumi Ishida, will teach us how to prepare different savoury and sweet dishes with Asian flavours, all raw.

If you already attended Megumi's workshop last year and loved it you can come back and enjoy this one - the recipes will be different from last year's!

Date: Sunday 30 April
Time: 11:00-15:00
Venue: Home kitchen in Anderlecht (close to Gare du Midi)
Price: 65 euro

About Megumi:
Megumi Ishida is the founder of Megumi's RAW Studio, a creative raw cooking and lifestyle studio in Yokohama, Japan. She shares her passion for RAW (Rejuvenating, Awesome, World Citizen) food in workshops and cooking events worldwide. http://megumi-raw-studio.jimdo.com/

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Tune in to your body

Our bodies are a bit like a radio with a difficult signal... there is so much noise going on that it is hard to get a clear message about what it needs.

When we slow down, feed ourselves whole foods and begin to listen to what it is trying to tell us, the messages are amazing and the effects on our energy and health are abundant...

This is all easy to say, but making shifts in our eating patterns and relationship with our bodies is not easy. That is why I will be launching a group coaching programme from September to December 2015 to help you make that shift.

Is this for me?

  • are you feeling confused with conflicting messages about food and what you should and shouldn't be eating?
  • would you like to feel happier with your body - have more energy, shift some excess kilos?
  • has your relationship with food and your body been a bit of a battlefield with yo-yo diets, will power failings and ongoing negativity? 

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, this programme is interesting for you...

What can I expect?

  • 6 sessions of one hour with a group of 6-8 people
  • fun learning environment with lots of interaction 
  • qualified health coach leading the sessions and helping you on your journey
  • extra session at a health food shop (tour) to see what's there and how to use it
  • each session focussed on clearing myths around certain foods (proteins, carbohydrates, fats...) and looking at an aspect of our relationship with it (experiencing hunger, mindful eating...)
  • new foods to try, new recipes shared, setting and fulfilling intentions, reaching your personal goals while learning from others too


The sessions will be organised on the following Thursdays between 13h30 and 14h30 at Aspria Art-Loi (26 rue de l'Industrie)
24 September, 8 October, 22 October, 12 November, 26 November and 10 December

Total cost for the programme: 300 euro (VAT included)

Sound interesting?

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Mindful Eating

Ever eaten your lunch in front of your computer?

I am sure the answer is yes as it is for the great majority of us…!


Have you ever finished a meal and realised you tasted virtually nothing of it?

That meal on auto-pilot… you get the food down you like reaching a destination, but you actually remember very little about the journey…


Do you tend to finish your meal before others and be already helping yourself to seconds?

Slow, moderate or fast eating – what does it mean and what is the consequence for our minds and bodies?


I will be organising a Mindful Eating seminar to have a go at what this means in a relaxed and fun setting. Why not sign up and come and give it a try.


When: Thursday 9th July at 13h-14h15

Where: Aspria Brussels, Art-Loi

Cost: 20 euros (members) and 25 euros (non-members)

Places are limited and by reservation only. 

To secure your place email: info@suzysumner.com


Look forward to seeing you there.

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