About Suzy

Like many women I spent too many years working to the point of exhaustion and illness. I battled with unwanted kilos by putting myself on restrictive diets and unrealistic exercise schedules. I always had a passion for food but didn’t see the connections between what I was eating and everything else that was going on in my life.

Becoming a mum in April 2011 and being made redundant in July 2011, was the beginning of a huge shift in my life which led me to go back to studying and learn more about what makes our bodies work, how we can give them the best fuel possible to have maximum energy and how to balance our lives to feel fantastic. I am now a mum of two amazing boys and I love watching them discover the joys of eating well and staying well.

I understand first hand how hard it is to allow ourselves to feel great. I understand that in our fast-pace society, having time to cook seems like a weekend luxury. I understand that sometimes that rut feels so deep that we can't see a way out.

However, I also understand that having someone to support you, work with you and listen to you is one of the most powerful tools out there. That's why I love being a coach.



I am a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. IINs philosophy is based on the bio-individuality of each person - i.e. that every single person is unique. I use that approach to help YOU find the energy and balance you deserve, help YOU shift those kilos and love your body and to help YOU feel happy, healthy and radiant.

In June 2017 I also graduated as an Eating Psychology Coach from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. For more information about what that means check out here.

I am a resident Nutritional Health Coach at Aspria on rue de l'Industrie in Brussels and give a regular free seminar there (usually the second Monday evening in the month). Members of Aspria can meet me there on a Thursday between 8h30 and 15h00.

Otherwise my practice is in my home where we will discuss your health and nutrition in the comfort of my kitchen!

Sounds good…? Schedule a first consultation with me to see what it is all about.

Language note!

Originally from the UK, but now also Belgian, my main language of working and most of my materials are in English. However I speak both French and Dutch and would be happy to listen to you in the language that you feel most comfortable to talk in.