Me and Mine - is an online programme over a period of 10 weeks aimed at mums at pretty much any stage of motherhood! This online health coaching for mums is designed to give you easy tips and advice on food, activity and life to help you feel more connected to yourself, your family and the people around you. An energy boost for mums.

As a mum you are at the heart of your family... you have given life to your kids and you continue to be a source of inspiration and energy for them...

That's why it is as important now as it was during pregnancy that you look after yourself so that your kids will also learn to value and cherish themselves. What you do has a knock on effect on all those around you who you love so much.

A word about what this is 'not'!

  • It is NOT about being a so-called 'super mum'... about providing more than enough for your children at the expense of your own health and sanity! I believe each mum is special and you are the most amazing mum to your kids.... and you can continue to be without draining all your energy on them!

  • It is NOT about comparing ourselves to anyone else... every person and every family is unique. This is about finding your rhythm that works for your unique family.... we all have our stories and we all have our songs.... I will simply provide you with some ideas for making your own very personalised creation...

  • It is NOT judging - you are the best person to decide what works for you, your body and your family - trust yourself, trust your intuition... this programme will simply try to help you do that...

What can I expect over the 10 weeks?

  • Some simple tips in changing food habits to give you more longer lasting energy - this will not be based on restriction and will power!

  • Some myth breaking around certain foods - proteins, fats, carbs, sugar

  • A focus on pleasure and play

  • Some tips for making your home more healthy

  • Some ideas for involving all the family in the process... kids love being part of the changes

  • Some recipes (kid-tested), including for birthdays and special occasions

  • Some ideas just for mum... how can I get into my rhythm and feel I can be there most of the time?

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