What people say about working with Suzy..

During my six months programme with Suzy I have learned to be kinder to myself, more accepting and appreciate the health that I enjoy. I have a strategy now for keeping healthy. I recognise that changing the not-so-great eating habits of a lifetime is not a linear process and I now feel equipped to deal with the ups and downs more positively. On a personal level, Suzy is warm, easy to talk to and full of good sense. I leave her sessions feeling empowered and upbeat.
— Clare, Brussels
C’est en effet en voyage que l’on part avec Suzy, un voyage centré autour de l’alimentation mais pas seulement. Elle m’a emmenée assez loin, toujours avec beaucoup de gentillesse et de tact. J’ai changé mes habitudes alimentaires grâce à Suzy et ses bons conseils. Je me sens beaucoup plus en forme et moins stressée. Un très grand merci !
— Elodie, Brussels
Working with Suzy caused no less than a revolution in my life. Before, I would never ever cook for myself, eat hardly any vegetables and spend as little time in the kitchen as possible. Now I buy healthy food, prepare it myself and invest quite some time in this. But the most amazing thing is that I started to like it and I even look forward to it. That is something I had never expected. And the effect on my health is just as well beyond expectations.
— Ellen, Brussels
I’m very glad I got to know Suzy. Thanks to her insights and enthusiasm, my husband and I easily made improvements in our eating habits. I can recommend Suzy to anyone who wants to make some changes for more quality in food and life style.
— Anne, Brussels
We started the programme as a couple to improve our eating habits and to learn more about how to live healthier and why certain food such as greens are so important. Suzy was not only very friendly, but also very easy to follow and every session she gave us further information which was very useful. We were happy to have signed up for the programme!
— Heleen
I am very grateful that I decided to do the 6-month programme with Suzy - with a hindsight this was such a great step in my life! What I appreciated most is that new eating habits and all I learnt became a part of my lifestyle in a completely subtle and natural way. I lost extra kilos and I feel that I have control over my body and not the other way round, which was the case before! I discovered a great range of food out there and learnt to make good choices when eating in and out of home. I would warmly recommend this programme to everybody.
— Ivana, Brussels
Suzy m’a appris énormément de choses et a changé en profondeur ma façon de me nourrir et de nourrir ma famille. Quelques mois plus tard les résultats sont toujours au rendez-vous: un poids idéal et stable, beaucoup d’énergie et plein de repères pour m’alimenter et vivre bien au quotidien.
— Roshan, Brussels
Ik veranderde mijn voedingsgewoonten onder begeleiding en met de actuele kennis en inzichten op een aangename maniier. Op de leeftijd van 66 jaar bekwam ik met de coaching een betere algemene conditie (ook dank zij de fitness - aqua gym). Ik speelde een 10 kg kwijt en ook het mentaal functioneren verbeterde.
— Paul, Brussels
My coaching sessions with Suzy were very helpful in better understanding what it means to eat healthily and care for one’s body. These sessions were very empowering and encouraging in making the necessary changes in my life, to feel better and energized. The results are visible at many different levels and Suzy’ holistic approach is a great support and very informative. I can highly recommend Suzy; she is a great asset to have by your side when changing your lifestyle and habits appear challenging!
— Stine Nielsen, Brussels



I was lucky to have a coach whose advice, guidance and incentives led my way to the changes I had been looking for. I warmly recommend the programme to everyone who wants a concrete and long-lasting change in her/his lifestyle.
— Ramona, Brussels



I feel I now treat my body and soul with more care. It has been important to learn that to be more healthy, your body has to be a big priority for your mind.
— A-L Boni, Brussels



Suzy´s ideas about different healthy food options and her knowledge of where to find unusual things are great. Having a regular session with her helped to reinforce ideas about doing things differently and experimenting with different foods and flavours.
— Maggie, Brussels



I have more energy and feel stronger and happier... I was a deadly tired mother of two who regained her energy and enthusiasm through Suzy’s coaching...!
— Female client, Brussels



Suzy Sumner is a source of inspiration because she practices what she is teaching, I know her from many years and have admired her force/courage to change her lifestyle and her profession. I trust Suzy because I can see in her the results of a healthy/balanced life. She is very attentive; a good listener; will support every small change; is always positive and will bring to the sessions a variety of materials to help us to reflect on our lifestyle and choices.
— Natalia, Brussels