Corporate Health and Wellbeing Events

Are you part of a company that cares about the wellbeing of your workforce?

Do you notice that staff need sugar and caffeine to get through the afternoon?
Are they confused about the messages of what they 'should' and shouldn't' eat?
Are people getting tired, sick or burnt out? 

Treat your staff to a health and wellness event - a relaxed, fun moment to be inspired with some easy tips to start feeling better now!

Packages can be tailored to your needs starting from a simple 60 minute workshop.

Contact Suzy for more information and quote.

Here's what a few people have said after a corporate workshop with Suzy:

Practical, sensible, easy advice
— CL, Brussels
To the point - great tips
— JW, Brussels
Suzy explained everything in such a simple way to understand...
— JM, Brussels
Very much tailored to office life. Simple tips to put into practice
— IP, Brussels
I really appreciated the way in which the information was presented in a totally understandable way!
— MC, Brussels
Practical approach, realistic...
— CT, Brussels
Energetic. Realistic.
— MY, Brussels