2017.... year of:

Happy New Year to you all.... already 10 days in as I have started this year in a way I mean to continue.... slowly!

2017 for me is a year of slowing down! 

Remember the hare and the tortoise? Who wins in the end?

Little by little our lives have speeded up. Like the frog who put immediately in hot water would jump out to save his life, when he stays in the water and it heats up bit by bit he doesn't even realise it until it is too late. We wear ourselves out with endless to-do lists, pile on the resolutions, add on the 'shoulds', feel like we need to respond to everything immediately, rush our meals, rush our conversations, get irritated if stuck in traffic or the computer doesn't load fast enough.... phew!!

Why slow?

- slow is powerful and solid and intentioned
- slow gives us metabolic power when we eat and enables us to find pleasure and listen to our bodies
- slow lets people come along with us... it's social
- slow is taking time to listen and to care
- slow is connecting with people in real time and in our communities
- slow is sensual
- slow is playful
- slow preparation of food is real and nourishing
- slow is simply to be - here - now

Of course there will be moments of speed and moments of stress - they are fun and exciting and our bodies can easily deal with the short bursts.... but it is adjusting where the 'normal' needs to be that will be my aim for 2017...

Anyone onboard - or what would your word be for this year?