2019 - The Gentler Way

Christmas with all its excesses is over… New Year celebrations with all the different friends and family starting to be complete… ok what now?

For many people the year starts with a set of resolutions which seem like a great idea for the first few days and then work gets busy again and they get lost.

I used to do my resolutions every year (well twice actually as September also feels like a New Year to me!). I would even (annoyingly) insist that other people did them with me and could offer them some ideas for resolutions if they could not find them themselves!! ;-)

However these last few years I have taken a gentler approach each year…

I have sat with a paper and coloured pens and made a picture of words and ideas that I would love to see more of in the year ahead… nature, creativity, hope, slowing down, connections, making memories. I put it on the wall of my office and check in with it from time to time… just a little reminder of what is important for me when life gets crazy.


Instead of heading into a detox - why not start to gently cleanse your liver with lemon juice and warm water in the morning and a green smoothie to start the day? Simply putting some nuts, seeds, fruit, spinach/kale and water in a blender can give you a great boost in the morning.

Rather than heading for a crazy exercise schedule - look how you can become more active in your day. How can you actively move around the city - walk, bike, scooter? Take the stairs… then add in something you really love… dance, yoga, run (if you love it!)

Rather than heading for diet - try out coaching… make changes that will last you a lifetime without relying on willpower and denial…

How do you want to feel by the end of 2019? Light, relaxed, fun, happy…?

Well start feeling it now… that feeling is already in you… it just wants some permission to come out!