5 reasons why it is great to be the cook!

So who is the cook in your house? So often we give sympathy to the one who has to cook all the time and tell the person who is cooked for how lucky he/she is to get their food prepared for them every day.

But you know what... I think the reverse is true! 

I think the cook is the luckiest person in the relationship and here's a few of the reasons why:

1) When you are the cook you get to eat what YOU feel like eating. Coming home you can already be thinking about you fancy eating tonight, look in the fridge and see what is calling out to you. This is getting to a fundamental level of your hunger and listening to what your body really wants.  The people who you are cooking for just have to go along with that thick stew or light salad...

2) You cook in a way that suits your taste preferences... ok of course you take into account the family members who don't like spicy food or hate olives, but more simply you will season and delight your own taste buds. Go to a restaurant and it is the chef who is doing just that... I know that most chefs like their food more salty than I do!

3) You get to 'play' with the food. Oh I know we were always told as kids to not play with our food but touching and smelling our food helps to get the digestive processes going and prepares the mouth and stomach for the digestion process by excreting the right enzymes needed.

4) You get a chance to be creative! When our jobs don't allow for much creative input and we are not making time to sew or paint or make music, cooking is a creative process that you can do every day and eat the work of art afterwards! Taking a moment to play with the colours and textures and see the alchemy of food changing when you cook it... wow!

5) Add and share your love and time. Cooking or food preparation takes a bit of time (does not have to be much) and it is time you are investing in your own and your family's well being. Don't be angry or resentful when you are preparing food - you will only pass that on too (there is a fantastic book/film on this!). Cook from a place of calmness and love and pass that on around you.

Are you the cook in your house? Why do you like it?