A beginner's mind

Bringing a beginner's mind to each day and each experience is challenging. We carry around a lot of preconceived ideas of how things will be, what others will do or say or already decide on an outcome of an event before it has even happened.

I love doing my daily 10-20 minutes meditation with Headspace (this is not an advert... but I am always happy to share this amazing service). Andy regularly reminds us of the benefit of a beginner's mind to every situation. 

One day, during a meditation, it can be really difficult to calm the thoughts and focus on the breath. However if we come back the next day thinking that it will be difficult, we will have the tendency to avoid the meditation completely or it will become difficult because we fear it will.

It is the same with our food habits - one day things can go a bit crazy... we make decisions that don't make us feel our best. But the next day we can come back to the beginning and gently treat ourselves better.

In our relationships we can predict others and not give them a fair hearing for where they are today - we all grow, develop and change and non of us what to be 'judged' on how we were a year, a month or a week ago.

We are all constantly moving... as Einstein said:

So why not just take today as today, this meal as this meal, this conversation as just what it is... As we cycle along the things we see are constantly changing and moving too. The more we can approach them with a gentle curiosity, the more open to fun it will be...

I have a free month of Headspace to give away to the first person who posts me a message on my website... what type of message? Just whatever you feel like ;-)

Have a great day