A Tree in Winter

Over the last weeks the image of a tree in winter has been very strongly in my mind.

Sometimes it is time for stillness, for silence, for more rest and more care.
Sometimes what is happening is less visible to the outside world, but it does not make it less important to the tree.

In winter a tree digs deeper into the warmer earth to find its nourishment. 
It takes care of its roots.
It knows that if in Spring it is to flower so that in Summer it can bear fruit, then in the winter it also needs to rest and rejuvenate.

The roots of a tree go deep... maybe as deep as the visible part of the tree reaches high...
There is as much that we don't see as what we do see.

tree in winter.jpeg

When I feel the need for nourishment I look to my family and close friends, I make soup, I have quality time alone, I meditate and do yoga, a curl up on the sofa with a good book, I enjoy the slowness... preparing the roots...

Here is a lovely soup for the season with Chard and Butterbeans

What do you do to replenish your roots?