Chickpeas - zero waste

We use a lot of chickpeas in our house!

A couple of times a year I do a big order from the supermarket that is delivered to the house. We don’t have a car so this is really useful for the heavy and bulky stuff like toilet rolls and salt for the dishwasher. Normally the order includes about 50 jars of chickpeas - which usually gets a comment from the delivery man!

However this summer when we were away in France I cooked the chickpeas from dry and they just seem to taste SO much better. So - September is new year for me and one of my new aims is to cook the chickpeas and therefore reduce the waste.

I have done them twice at home now and really could not be easier. I thought I would share my findings with you!

500g dried chickpeas (I get them loose from Tanneurs or usually possible in other organic shops)

This amount of chickpeas will produce about 1,150g of cooked chickpeas… amazing!

Step one: soak them overnight in cold water

Step two: the next day drain them and put in the pan. Now this is were I was really happy to have a pressure cooker (up until now I have hardly used it but now I find its perfect use). In the pressure cooker you put them in and cover with water. Seal and bring to boil so that they cook under full pressure for 15 minutes. Release and leave to cool.

If you don’t have a pressure cooker then cooking takes 60-90 minutes.

Do not salt during cooking as apparently can make the time needed for them to soften increase.


I experimented with different types of storing:

  • In a jar, covered with cold water, in the fridge

  • In a jar, covered with cold water and a pinch of salt, in the fridge

  • In a jar (no water) and in the freezer

All options worked well. The ones in the fridge best for making into a hummus (preference for one with a bit of salt) and I use the water too in the hummus.

The freezer good for putting into a warm dish as defrosted while cooking.


Anyway it was all so easy that I will be doing it very regularly…. so only ordered 12 jars from the supermarket for REAL emergencies ;-)

The taste of the ones cooked at home are so much better though - that is the real reason I will be continuing!