Christmas Wishes

Usually around this time of year I write a blog post about what Christmas means to me at this moment and what I begin to reflect on what feels important at this time...

When I read back to last year's however, I don't have that much more to add :-) 

I think the main feeling for me at this moment is GRATITUDE...

- for my warm house with its twinkling Christmas lights
- for my children who are so excited for Father Christmas and yet have simple expectations
- for my partner who shares (and largely inspired) our will to not consume more than we need and to value our time and presence over presents
- that during these holidays we will manage to see ALL our close family - in Luxembourg and England - and a special friend too... a lot of travel - but grateful that we can have this time together.

Christmas lights.jpg

Just taking a moment to think of these things we feel grateful for makes things shift in our minds and bodies - we feel more peace, more satisfaction with what is, with what we already have... For me it is this feeling of calm and peace that I am opening up this Christmas - I really don't need anything else!

It seems that gratitude is also a gift both for our hearts and our brains!

So at this time of year when we think of our Christmas Wishes or write a letter to Father Christmas - why not start your Christmas Gratitude list at the same time? In the shower, before you sleep, when you wake up... just let yourself be filled with what you appreciate about being just where you are right now....

Does that make anything feel different to you?