Data and Privacy

The EU's new General Data Protection Regulation will come into force on 24th May 2018.

To that end I have created a privacy policy which will help you to understand how your email and any information you share with me is used.

1) You receive a newsletter from Suzy Sumner Health Coach as you either signed up via my website or you attended a seminar or event and gave me written consent to add your name to the list.

2) You can remove your email address from this list at any moment by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. This is managed by Mailchimp. 

3) If you fill in a form on my website, this information is sent in a direct email to me via my website provider Squarespace. They do not store this information. This information is confidential between you and I.

4) I never share email addresses or any other information to a third party.