Giving Thanks....

Thanksgiving always seems like such a good idea to me. A day off just to be thankful of everything that we do have around us... of the small things.

This last week in Brussels has not been an easy one. It started with a lot of time at home due to the high security alert ....

My family also decided it was the best time to be sick - bit of a virus that hit 3 out of 4 of us... not much fun. Then we all developed some snotty noses too.

Added to that the weather was cold and wet and outside did not look too inviting.

And then towards the end of the week, everything is supposed to be getting back to 'normal' but rebuilding the soul of our city may take a bit longer...

So it really is time to think about what we are thankful for - to celebrate the small stuff.

His my top five at this minute:

1) My fabulous kids who kept us entertained with cowboy dances, 'stroomboot' building, made cookies and means that nothing can ever get too serious!

2) The great people around me who lift the spirits

3) New recipes to try out:  Sweet Potato and Quinoa burgers

4) Headspace - which helps me keep mine

5) Lego!


What's your top 5?