Let's go nuts... Brazil nuts

Back in January I wrote a blog on cashew nuts and I promised that one other nuts will follow.... so here is part 2 of at least a 4-5 part mini-series!!

Brazil nuts are one of the most oily and calorie dense nuts available therefore as with most things you want to be choosing quality over quantity.

Did you know that in Brazil it is illegal to cut down a brazil nut tree? This makes eating brazil nuts a pretty sustainable choice ;-)

A serving of brazil nuts (which is generally considered as 6 nuts) gives you lots of benefits:

- probably the most unique benefit of the brazil nut is that it is the food with the most selenium. Selenium is an incredibly important trace element that is essential to our wellbeing. The body needs it in small amounts for a number of functions including to help regulate thyroid hormones and support a healthy immune system. 6 brazil nuts give 774% of daily recommended allowance of selenium... so even a couple of nuts per day is giving you more than what you need!

- Brazil nuts contain mono-unsaturated, poly-unsaturated and saturated fats - so the whole lot! This means they will make you feel full and satisfied - remember healthy fats are needed even for weight loss.

- They are also a good source of fibre and proteins but low in carbohydrates.

- They are high in vitamin E and B-complex vitamins... making them excellent anti-oxidants and do help valuable processes in the body to protect your cells...

Serving suggestions

- simply have a a few nuts with breakfast... I think nuts are a great way to start the day as they give you lots of energy for the morning...

- grind them and sprinkle on the top of cereal or salads

- add them into a smoothie to provide creaminess without using milk or yoghurt...

As they are very oily and therefore you need to store in a dark place (even in the fridge) in a sealed bag or jar to stop them going rancid.

Easy to add 2-3 brazil nuts to your day?

How do you like yours?