Magic Potions

The season of Halloween and an ideal time to share with you my magic potion!

magic potion.jpeg

This is what everyone in my family gets when the signs of a sore throat or cold are coming along.... a pan of potion is brought the simmer and we blast it before it gets hold of us...

For a long time it was hard to get hold of root turmeric but now it is available in most health/organic shops in Brussels... at this time of year I always have a bit in the fridge alongside some fresh ginger root.

Here is a really simple recipe...


Take a good size piece of turmeric root and ginger root and peel and chop them - careful the turmeric turns everything orange so you might want to protect your hands.


Add them into cold water with a few whole black peppercorns. Heat slowly until water is boiling and then continue to simmer for about 10 minutes.


When ready pour into a mug (I leave all the bits of spices in the pan) and add juice of half a lemon and a spoon of local organic honey.


The pan of potion lasts for a few days - just keep adding water and heating up - it gets even more spicy and powerful as the days go by!