Making the choice

We all get tired and overwhelmed.

We all say things we don't mean.

We all have moments of thoughtlessness and feeling that we are hard done too.

We are not machines, but human beings with a lot of different issues and circumstances going on around us, many beyond our control, as recent events have made only too clear. However we do have control over one thing and that is how to react to it.

Thoughts are continuously passing through our minds and feed our emotions. When we are sad we have a tendency to think more sad thoughts which fuel our continued sadness. When we are angry we think about all the other things that annoy us and all the injustices in the world and our anger grows. When we are frustrated we think even more about those annoying things that don't work as we want them to work and.... well you get the picture!

Every moment of every day we can make a choice of whether to be drawn into the negativity or to see where it provides space for personal development and action. 

The main reason for this blog is that I wanted to share this article which came to me just at the right time this week and maybe will for you too.  

How would our society be if we all gossiped, complained and criticised less?

How can we make a big shift from the victim to the empowerment way?

Already choosing to eat a clean, non-processed, preferably organic, local and seasonal way helps in staying in touch with ourselves and our environment. It is an active and empowering choice and means that you are putting value in yourself. 

What will you choose to actively change this week?

Choose a walk over the sofa?

Choose a good book on the sofa over staying late in the office?

Choosing a good conversation over the television?

Choosing foods that make you feel good over those that leave you without energy and anxious....

The choice is yours and every little one helps!