New toys!

Hey we all like to play, no! This week I treated myself to a new toy and I am going to share with you the results of my first fun game!

Voila - ms spiraliser!

A simple gadget that does magic with veggies to make spaghetti out of (almost) anything! I will be adding more recipes soon but decided to start of pretty simple with courgetti!!

Thought you might like to see it in action!!

The most amazing thing is how fast you can have a meal ready here!

I put some chickpeas in a pan, added the courgetti, a couple of spoons of water and a big spoon of homemade pesto, some olive oil and put a lid on.... in less than five minutes a delicious 'pasta'!

Meanwhile I had made some kale chips in the oven which made a nice accompaniment to a veggie packed dinner....

So what are the advantages of this new toy?

  • Quick meals which are fun to eat (for the kids I added some brown rice underneath which I already had prepared as I think they need it in the evening)
  • The courgette needs very little cooking which means you are keeping more nutrients in
  • Easy to use... I was impressed by how easily it works and how easy to take apart and clean too

We will be having lots more fun here - if you have any great tips on what to do with a spiraliser... don't hesitate to share!