Same ingredients... two ways!

I often hear parents saying that they would like to eat a certain way (maybe more spicy or asian style cooking) but the kids just won't eat that! Or else, even if we are only cooking for ourselves, we don't want to cook every evening and don't want to eat EXACTLY the same thing two days in a row either...

Last week we had a very successful experience of having the same ingredients but at the end of the cooking I transformed them into two different dishes...

The base of the experiment were these delicious organic black bean spaghetti given to me by a friend (Thanks CA!). There are many new varieties of these 'pastas' around now - made from chick peas or lentils or different beans... very tasty alternative to traditional pasta)

I cooked the spaghetti according to instructions (usual) and prepared some veggies to go with it. A red onion and then this nice mix of colours:

Shiitake mushrooms, carrots, red pepper and broccoli 

Shiitake mushrooms, carrots, red pepper and broccoli 

All sautéed together in a pan with some olive oil

(as you can see I also added some green beans that I had already cooked)

(as you can see I also added some green beans that I had already cooked)

 When the veggies were ready I took some out of the pan, mixed in some homemade pesto and some of the cooked spaghetti, some freshly grated parmesan and two happy boys!

For us, I emptied the pan of veggies for a moment and just started off some fresh ginger and garlic as a base

Adding then the vegetables back and put in the spaghetti to take the flavour of the garlic and ginger and then I added a dash of tamari and some raw cashew nuts...

Finally topped with some fresh coriander, there you have it - a different dish with the same ingredients and the whole cooking time was no more than 20 minutes!

Remember cooking up a fresh meal doesn't have to take a long time.... choose good quality organic vegetables and then you really don't have to do much to have a very tasty dish!

Bon App ;-)