Apples and pears.... and spaghetti

My new toy got well used this week when I went to the after school club of the my boys to make apple and pear spaghetti for the kids!

The response was just gorgeous - total joy at seeing the familiar fruits transformed, loving stuffing themselves with the long spaghetti strands and then a whole load of spontaneous hugs! Wow I would go again any day.... 

I will hopefully get hold of some of the photos as my hands were too covered in juice to take any!

What I noticed is not one child said they didn't like apples or pears or did not enjoy all they had, and not one child remarked that I did not peel the fruit and they all ate everything - skin and all... it was so lovely to see their total enjoyment!

So I thought I would also share another apple recipe and another spaghetti recipe too... since that is the theme of the day!

Apple chia pudding


Celeriac spaghetti with courgettes, blue cheese and walnuts

Enjoy the season!