Breakfast shuffle

Sometimes we get into cooking habits of always having the same thing because its easy, doesn't take too much thought or time and because we know it is healthy and a good start to the day.

We were getting a bit like that with morning porridge recently. Even if I varied it every morning using different fruit, adding in cinnamon or coconut, cranberries or sultanas, I was still getting tired of it and the kids were not too excited by it anymore either! 

So last weekend I decided to create something else. I wanted to take the same fantastic ingredients that we use in the porridge but make something else from it. My eldest son (4) gave me a hand and his excellent advice and we created these breakfast cakes (I thought they would be muffin-like but they turned out a bit more dense than that... hence breakfast cakes).

The result... the boys have loved them this week and there is less to do in the morning as they are already ready. They last about 4 days I am guessing in an air-tight tin.

I've enjoyed a bit too, but I also realised that now I am breast-feeding less I am not so ravenous in the morning and a green smoothie and a few nuts is just perfect for me.

.... I'm not the only one who enjoys the smoothie though!!

Always love to hear your favourite morning recipes... it's the meal of the day that is often hardest to vary!