Eating Psychology Coach

Last week my certificate arrived in the post! 

It feels official now ;-)

It has been a truly remarkable year of study with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating providing me with so many moments of realisation and also emotion as well as being able to immediately apply some of the working methods and coaching skills with my clients. 

Thanks again to all of you who supported me last year in enabling me to access the scholarship - I am very grateful to you.

So what does this mean - an 'Eating Psychology Coach?'

For far too long, we’ve been inundated by negative messages about food, weight and diet. We’ve been told that we’re willpower weaklings or that we need more control. We have been told it is a simple question of calories in versus calories out. We hear so much conflicting advice from experts and every magazine contains a new 'miracle diet'.

The result is people are confused about what to eat, and how to have a happy relationship with food and a healthy metabolism.

As an Eating Psychology Coach my aim is to accompany women and men on a journey to a healthier, kinder, more compassionate relationship to food and body. I believe we all have an innate body wisdom that has been pushed down and ignored for so long that we no longer know how to access it.

By eliminating all the “shoulds and shouldn’ts”, I focus on what’s right for your body and your personal style. As we work together in this way, eating and health issues become a place of exploration. Instead of seeing such challenges as the enemy, they become opportunities for growth and self-improvement. 

I LOVE my work! I want a passion for wellness and great health to be contagious ;-) 

Often our problems with food and body are a doorway into so much more and starting on this journey is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Thank you again for your on-going support - please feel free to share my blog and website with friends, family and colleagues.