Great Get Together inspired by Jo Cox

Tomorrow marks one year since we lost a wonderful woman and I, a dear friend... Jo Cox.

This weekend will be a truly amazing moment of celebrating what Jo lived for. I have never seen such an explosion of good feeling across the UK - people coming together from all communities to celebrate the fact that we have more in common than that which divides us.

Politician's across parties are showing they have terrible dancing in common!
Newspapers from the opposite sides of the political spectrum are sharing a common editorial to celebrate Jo...
Musicians, comedians, chefs - all coming to add their talents to something truly unique.

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If you are in the UK there are more than 115,000 events happening around the country - you can check out on to find the one near you.

In Brussels we will be in Parc Leopold from 12-16h to hold our very own GGT picnic. Bring your own picnic and mat and a homemade cake to share... there will be music and fun and circus and facepainting and apparently a lot of sunshine (so hats, cream and lots of water too!)

More info here

Both through Jo's life and also through her death I have learnt so much and I know I am not alone. Her family and husband are a continuous source of inspiration as are the wonderful network of close friends of Jo's. They have never used hate against the hate that killed Jo. They have spoken out about love and community and inspired millions of people who never knew Jo. I live every day in awe of their strength and their humanity.

To all out there a message of love to you and if you can, let's have a slice of cake together on Sunday....