Layer it up

It's cold in Brussels - so I imagine the name of this blog makes you think about getting all those clothes on and getting out really wrapped up! Good idea... however this one is about slightly different layering!

I promised some recipes this week and here you are...

This week I created a new soup for a dinner party with some friends. Purslane (pourpier) is a bit of a forgotten green but you can find it at this time of year and it is deliciously subtle in a soup. Try out this recipe and let me know what you think.

What about these layers then?

One of my favourite type of dishes is to create a unique plate, very easily, by combining different foods and textures.

So what do we have here (apologies that photos are dark... these winter evenings!

Layer 1: a good green base - here is some organic spinach, shredded...

Layer 2: quinoa - a great grain which is also a complete protein

Layer 3: A delicious collection of vegetables: red onion, fennel, red pepper and shiitake mushrooms - cooked in some oil but with the lid on so they use their own steam

Layer 4: a good dollop of homemade hummus

Layer 5: a sprinkle of shelled hemp seeds

Layer 6: a drizzle of extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil over everything

So easy and nutritious and tasty!

Short of time... grains and hummus can be made in advance... veggies take less than 10 minutes...

Can it really be so easy? Yes!