Pedal for Peace

This is one of the hardest weeks that Brussels has ever known. Shock, sadness, fear are all mixed together. My thoughts are with those who lost loved ones and to everyone single person in our city who needs to re-find our community - we need to find a way to come out of this together and to come out of it stronger.

It is the time for us to re-connect with each other. Not via social media and screens (although of course they have played a role for people) but face to face, in listening to each other, in real communication and building understanding.

This morning I came to work at Aspria on bike instead of on the metro. I live across the road from a metro station so when I am going to the 'upper' part of the city (hills!!) I just tend to jump on the metro. However as many of you know most of the time when I am 'down'town I am on my bike and as my metro station was still closed at 8am this morning... I decided to pedal.

The traffic was crazy today. But in 20 minutes I had cycled through it and was at work on time (if a little hotter than usual!)

But it felt so good... why?

Because on my bike I was sharing a smile with fellow cyclists and pedestrians. I said good morning to people, gave a smile.... the kind of small things that I would like to have more of in the city at the moment and therefore I am going to give out. People smiled back...

I sang... singing on the bike is great as no-one hears more than a passing note or two.... I sang songs from my choir, I sang 'Imagine'... !!

I felt present and connected...


.... and then all of these benefits too!

I think already this week we are have more and more people walking or cycling to get around.... but how about even more? What if our pedaling together can help us restore more peace than we have known?

Just a thought...