Spring has sprung...

Wasn't Sunday just gorgeous... a short taste of the days to come!

In our garden things are starting to move and this year the whole family are on the case to grow some more stuff ourselves...

The first big achievement (and thanks) is to my partner (with help too from my dad and dad-in-law) who have constructed two raised beds out of old wood we had.

We have some garden space too but these are great for herbs and smaller plants and give a bit more protection from the snails and slugs I hope! It's also for my kids as there is one just high enough for Jack (2 years) to get is hands dirty and a bigger one for Edgar (4)....

We took a trip on Sunday to La pousse qui pousse to get some little plants to start off and will be back for more in a few weeks when the aubergines and tomatoes can also come out of the greenhouses.

We are also trying to grow a few delights from seed too... courgette, tomatoes and kale!

And have spread out our compost so we usually have a few pumpkins that grow from the old seeds that are in there!

This is all a game, an experiment.... I would love to think of myself as having green fingers but in recent years my attempts have been pretty dire!

So very excited about this spring and watching the garden burst to life and seeing what can happen!

Brussels is also brimming with lots of new initiatives around gardening and growing your own vegetables. If you are interested why not check out some of these:

Here's a link to maps to find a collective gardening project near you

From 23/4 to 1/5 there is a week of activities to 'Cultivate our city'

The 'Debut des Haricots' also brings a lot of initiatives together - including La pousse qui pousse

Please share if you have any favourite tips!