Tastes differ...

Do you live in a family where some people like their food spicier than others? Some need a salty 'kick'? Or others prefer simpler tastes?

We are not all the same and our tastebuds have different sensitivities which can be genetic or due to how we have treated them. If you regularly eat sweet things, you can tolerate a higher level of sweetness than someone who's only 'sweet' is very dark chocolate. If you always add salt to food your tastebuds are demanding a certain level to be satisfied.

The good news is that you can retrain your tastebuds pretty easily. Just simply reducing the amount of added sugar or salt in your food will make them adjust fairly fast.

However why not also create a meal where everyone can season as they like?

This is what I did yesterday evening.

It started with a pan of brown rice and lentils cooked together. This is a great way to get a complete protein intake (rice and lentils complement each other to give you all the amino acids that your body cannot make itself)... and saves washing up!


In a separate pan I steamed some leek, fennel and red peppers until they were soft and then added olive oil.

This formed the basis of the meal - simple and due to the quality of the ingredients, already tasty enough for me!

On the table I added: some feta, some olives, tamari sauce, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, salt and pepper so that at the beginning or at any time people could adjust the meal to their tastes... a fun experiment!