Why I love kale!

Yes it's the kale freak again... if you have been following my blog for a while you will know how excited I get when it's kale season. So indulge me for a moment.

We don't get it all year round in Belgium so it's really a case of getting a big dose as you can! It's a SUPERFOOD (i.e. it has massive mineral, vitamin, good stuff boost) that does not break the bank (less than 2 euros a kilo) and it is super versatile.


Here's a few ideas of how kale can fit into your day:

1) You can put it in your breakfast smoothie

2) You can treat yourself to the best kale salad ever for your lunch (note ume su vinegar is really essential) - this is a salad that can be prepared in advance and will not go soggy by lunchtime

3) You can pop some leaves in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil and fleur de sel for a delicious apero! Kale Chips

4) Or my new recipe that I just created tonight.... hot off the press and stove is Sweet Potato and Kale Curry... it was divine ;-)

Go on... give yourself a kale treat this week!

How do you like yours?