Virus attack!

This was not a cyber one... it was a real, live, full-on one!

I cannot remember the last time I actually had to have a day off work for illness and last week I had to have five! Wiped out completely! Presentations cancelled, clients postponed... just feeling very sorry for myself... hey s**t happens.

I do think these are important opportunities to reflect and learn though. I know that I had overloaded myself and family with visitors and social occasions - all lovely one-by-one but altogether, probably too much...

I often feel an illness coming early on, but attack it with magic potion and a hot bath and a few early nights and it doesn't come to much. This time we had a house full of people and I couldn't do it... so it got the better of me instead.


Lesson to self - I need to respect my our own limits, know my own boundaries and ensure that I have enough calm and quiet to keep functioning in the way I need to!

We live, we learn... Ok ready for Spring now please!!