What about travelling?

What about travel?

This is a question I receive very often – clients find that they can ‘manage’ their eating habits ok at home – but they get scared that at some point they will travel and then everything will go wrong!

This can often result in people thinking they will put their goals on hold until the travel is over – then on their return something else is scheduled for them… and on we go – months pass and she or he is feeling no changes in their body L

So here are some thoughts I have around travel and how to make things easier for you. Of course there are many types of travel – holidays or work trips, jetlag or not – but I think in here everyone can find some tips that will work for them


1) You are still you!

This might sound silly but lets face it – whether you are in Brussels or Bali – you are still you! It’s not like you are taking a holiday from being you for a while! So no matter where you are – stay in your own body 100%, listen to her, look after her! Don’t neglect your mind either…


2) Stay well hydrated

Plane travel or long journeys in a car can severely de-hydrate us – either due to access to water or need to avoid going to the toilet! This will confuse your hunger signals, cause cramps or restless legs, add to constipation… just generally make you feel pretty lousy. So remember to drink!
In a conference this is also really important and the fact of needing to get up and go to the loo can help us with the third point:


3) Keep moving

It is easy enough to pack a pair of trainers and to get out for a run/walk every day. If you are travelling for work this will help you have more oxygen to your brain to be functioning at your peak. You may be lucky enough to have a swimming pool in the hotel – but whatever you do you need to move.

signpost travel.png


4) Choose REAL foods

Not Edible Products! Choose foods that are simple – fruits and vegetables in abundance, not stuff that looks over processed. Go for natural yogurt over sweetened fruit yogurt, choose oats over cornflakes… remember you deserve the best quality that you can find.


5) Practice moderation in the ‘all you can eat’ buffets
These are very common in hotels or at conferences. Take one plate – fill it a reasonable amount and then go back to your table and sit and enjoy that 1 plate. Take a moment to tune into your hunger levels before you think about going back.


Above all relax, enjoy, breathe… if something is less than perfect – no problem – let go of it and enjoy the experience…