10 minute soup - leek, spinach and pea

I usually use fresh ingredients but have an exception for peas (as otherwise the season is too limited) and I often have some frozen spinach in the fridge too but emergency greens!! Whizz the two into a delicious soup

3 leeks - chopped
butter or olive oil to soften them in
500g frozen spinach
200g frozen peas
Bouillon/stock if you wish or I just use a bay leaf and water
1 few leaves of fresh mint


Soften a leek on a low heat with olive oil or butter

Add in most of the peas (keep some aside to add at the end)

Add in frozen spinach and let it all thaw in the pan - can add the boiling water to cover at any point with stock or bayleaf.

Simmer for 5 mins - add fresh mint and blend until smooth and then add in the extra peas and let it simmer more until peas are cooked in soup.

Lovely served with a lump of goats cheese or swirl of yoghurt