Leek and Black Bean Goulash


·      3 leeks, chopped

·      1 red pepper, chopped

·      2 large tomatoes

·      1 clove garlic

·      1 tsp paprika

·      1 can black beans  (rinsed)

·      several good handfuls fresh spinach (roughly chopped)



Cooking notes

Use fresh tomatoes when they are in season and reasonable, maybe passata or prepared tomatoes if not.



·      Put chopped leeks in pan with some olive oil and let them soften for a couple of minutes (remember put a lid on to speed up cooking)

·      Add chopped pepper and let that soften

·      Add chopped tomatoes, garlic and paprika and cover and leave to simmer

·      Add black beans

·      Finally, add spinach and let it wilt on top of pan with the lid on until ready to serve

Serving suggestion

Serve with rice if you have 40 minutes to let it cook or have some leftover in the fridge, if not a quick solution is to serve with whole wheat couscous which only takes 5 minutes.

I served with a sprinkle of chopped fresh parsley.