Same ingredients... two ways - Green beans, millet and....

I have done similar recipes before when I have taken the same basics and made a meal for the kids and one for the adults... This time the kids were also tasting the adult meal when I was preparing it and wanted some of that too!

1 mug of millet cooked in 2 mugs of cold water until all water gone (make more if you want leftovers)
Green beans - steamed over the millet when it was cooking


For the kids
- 4 fresh tomatoes chopped - cooked for a few minutes in a pan 


Then add in beans chopped, millet and a good soon of pesto (preferably home made if the season)


Even add a bit of parmesan - my kids love it that way!


For the adults

same basis of millet and green beans but added in are chopped figs, walnuts, feta or goats cheese and in a dressing of olive oil and pomegranate molasses (what's that? I also had problems finding it - but here is a solution)