Wheat, roasted veg and greens salad.... or why I love leftovers!


1 mug of wheat berries (those in Belgium they come from Colruyt as 'ble precuit' - looks like rice) cooked in 2 mugs of cold water until water all gone. I had some in the fridge already as I always cook more than I need!
Roasted veg - again these were leftovers - beetroot, parsnip, red onion, sweet potato... again I always do too much
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Apple cidre vinegar - half teaspoon
Some salad greens - roquette good or I had Mizuna
few fresh figs - chopped
sprinkle of sunflower seeds
bit of feta to crumble on the top
handful of black kalamata olives


Mix in a bowl altogether... nothing more simple than that!
Delicious mix of flavours and satisfying wheatberries...